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The Anigraphical Etudes

Music Video Games for Live Concert Performance

Anigraphical MusicRelating to music manuscript published on and for performance directly from the Internet which incorporate elements of 'Animation,' 'Interactivity,' 'Graphical Elements,' and 'Aleatoric/Algorithmic Principals.'

This site is best viewed using a Windows computer if you wish to download the free Concertgames below. (not available on mobile)

Orpheus Down Box 300x300 150DPI.jpg



Orpheus Down for Alto Sax

Video game manuscript

in a 1st person virtual 3D world

"shooter" format with

embedded real-time AI accompaniment

for live concert performance

(Windows .msi installer file)

This is a

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Contact the composer for how to get a full performance licensed version of the game with rehearsal materials and technical support for free.

Anigraphical Etude #5

Post Cards to Peter Max

Animated performance score

with embedded accompaniment

for English Horn

(Windows .exe executable file)


Icicles of Rinnoji

Solo Piano

Laptop page turner score/app

with animated video intro.

This is a FULL downloadable 

performance Score/App for Windows laptop, tablet or computer

The Anigraphical Etudes - Video Preview

See all videos on YouTube

Anigraphical Music Videos
etude 9 banner optimized.jpg

Historical Background

Ca. 2000 I download a stable free version of Macromedia's Flash programming environment and it became immediately evident to me for the first time music manuscript could be enhanced to include all aspects of color, size, motion, interactivity and embedded code for algorithmic results. These concepts had all been individually explored within the framework of traditional music manuscript by such visionary composers as Cage, Kagel, Feldman, Brown, and Lutoslawski; but now (and as the first recorded and published examples of) with the internet they could come to fruition and be performed, downloaded and disseminated directly from the internet. Etude's 1, 2, 4, and 5 (2000 - 2002) were studies exploring color, size, tempo, and choice. By Etude's 6 (Slot Machine) and Etude 7 (Space Text Adventure) it became obvious to me the end result of my work pointed to music, being a language, fell under the same description of 'language-game" defined by the Austrian Philosopher Wittgenstein in his 'Philosophical Investigations' in 1953. With that I headed out to the Game Developer's conference in San Francisco to learn about advanced tools and techniques used by major game developers where I was introduced to Intel Computer's Software Partner Program which was instrumental in guiding and encouraging my further work. Subsequently, I completed Etude 9 and Orpheus Down as full 3rd person 'walk thru' interactive games where the performer's actions directly influence the resulting music and accompaniment. My current work is directed toward MMO applications to live chamber and orchestral performance bringing a new vitality and capable of extending symphonic performance into the digital era.

In December of 2020 Adobe effected an 'end of life' for its Flash application no longer supporting playback within any of the commercially available browsers. The video below is a walk through of the early Etudes. Most of them including the later Etude 9 and Orpheus Down are available as Window executable full play versions. Please contact me to arrange for their performance.            

David Lieberman 2022

Scholarship/Technical Publication


Lieberman, David 2006. Game Enhanced Music Manuscript. In GRAPHITE '06: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and South East Asia, ACM Press, Melbourne, Australia, 245 - 250.

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